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Mac and Windows

Hi, Me again.

Today I’ll be talking about the civil war between PC gamers. Mac and Windows have been in a long lasting feud for many years now, although this was mainly driven by the consumers. Many people have been misinformed, they are under the illusion that┬áMacs aren’t PCs. PC stands for: Personal Computer. Therefor any computer owned by you is a PC.

To me, Macs seem more capable of for filing daily activities like surfing the internet or playing minor games such as Minecraft. They are more like family computer than powerful Windows. I have been brought up on the idea that Windows were old fashioned boxes that couldn’t do anything, Despite that I have discovered that Windows more suit what I do in my life. Since I am an avid gamer, I enjoy using computers that are built to enhance my gaming experience. So at the moment I prefer Windows because it specialises in what I enjoy and has a decent ability to run programs for school like Word alot better than Macs can.

Cya, Stay awesome and goodbye!! ­čÖé

Xbox versus Playstation

Hello again. Last time I was talking about the rivalry between 9GAG and Reddit. But today I will be talking about the long going┬áfeud between Xbox and Playstation. Uniquely this feud is almost completely between the companies, unlike 9GAG or Reddit, the users haven’t got any real reason to have this conflict. So why does it exist? personally I perceive it as being the companies driving their users against each other with many console exclusive games and one ups such as this little argument that I can easily see these two companies companies if every action was a comment about the Xbox Kinect and the playstation move.

Xbox: Hey Playstation check this out! I have a device with an eye Nah Nah Nah Nah!

Playstation: Well so do I but It’s better! Because my Playstation 4┬áhas twice as many eyes as you wimpy little Kinect, mine has TWO eyes! Ha HA!

Xbox: Well…. erm MY XBOX 1┬áHAS 3EYES! BEAT THAT!

Consumers: *sigh* *facepalm*

Now I actually have no bias against either of these consoles. Although I was brought up with a Play station3. Since all my friends at school had Xboxes I slowly became accustomed to both types of controller (that would be one of the few differences between the two, Besides games). I have always loved the playstation and always will love it, but to me the Xbox seems to be a bit better in general, for example, it has more and better game, and there are more Xbox users to play with on online only games. But I think that we can all say that no matter what they change or update, THEY WILL NEVER BEAT COMPUTERS!!!!!